Freddie the Frightened

By Pamela Shrapnel & Terry Denton


Freddie is scared of the dark.

Freddie’s house swarms with goblins, ogres, zombies and things. There’s a Troll in the hall, a Cardigan Zombie in the bottom drawer, a Creature lurking under the plughole. And in the garden lives the worst monster of all – the Googyman himself! Poor Fred. Night after night he battles with the bogeyman, while his mum and dad drink Milo and watch TV. Then Fred’s cousin, the amazing Penelope Wardrobe, comes to stay. She knows a bit about almost everything – and she’s very good at tackling Trolls and things that go bump in the night.

But what can even Penelope do when the Googyman makes it, at long last, right into Fred’s bedroom?

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