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Fat or Fiction: Are You Living a Fairy Tale?

By Donna Aston


Tired of fairy-tale diets that promise happily ever after but fail to deliver?

Take a good look at the author on the front cover. Once a pudgy young woman, now a body-sculpting champion. If you are really serious about getting the best body, the best nutrition, and the best anti-ageing methods, Donna Aston will show you:

  • why 95% of people who lose weight regain it and then some
  • how low-fat dieting is the greatest scam going
  • why does ’empty’ processed carbohydrates go straight to the ‘fat-bins’ on your hips
  • why the food pyramid that we have all been taught to worship is WRONG
  • that trying to outsmart your body is useless — it will win every time.

Dang! We just sold this one. Well done you for stumbling upon this page; we are in the process of removing this listing.

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