Doug-Dennis and the Flyaway Fib

By Darren Farrell


When best friends Doug-Dennis and Ben-Bobby go to the circus, something terrible happens.

Doug-Dennis eats all of his friend’s popcorn, and then tells a fib (It wasn’t me!), which grows and grows (Maybe monsters ate it!), carrying Doug-Dennis away. As the lie gets bigger, Doug-Dennis flies higher, until he’s floating in a land of lies: some of them big, some small, and some just downright weird. Doug-Dennis misses his best friend, and realises there’s only one way to come back down: by finally telling the truth. Darren Farrell, a bright new talent in picture books, has created a cautionary tale that’s chock-full of hilarity. This charming sheep is sure to become a favourite. (And that’s the truth.)

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