Detective Donut and the Wild Goose Chase

By Bruce Whatley & Rosie Smith


Professor Drake, Detective Donut’s friend and world famous archaeologist, is missing!

And Donut has to find the professor’s important Maltese statue before the notorious thief Goose does. But the detective is so distracted by thoughts of his birthday and a nice (up of hot cocoa, he doesn’t notice that the strange bird claiming to be the professor’s assistant looks alarmingly like Goose. Or that the oddly wrapped package in his mailbox is the very some size as the precious statue. Will he ever solve the mystery? And will anyone remember his birthday? Never fear–with the help of his faithful partner, Mouse, Detective Donut will crack the case!

Team up with Detective Donut and his clever sidekick, Mouse, for the wildest goose chase ever! A precious statue has been stolen, and the famous archaeologist, Professor Drake, has disappeared— is the villainous Goose behind this plot? It’s up to bumbling Detective Donut to find out! Bruce Whatley’s hilariously funny illustrations, packed with slapstick gags and witty puns, hold the key to this mystery. Readers will love to follow along with the clues as Detective Donut finally cracks the case.

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