Buildings of the Year

Edited By Jim Hill


“Buildings of the Year” is the new title for the special annual edition of Architecture Today-Australia’s only national monthly architectural news magazine.

There is a minimum of domestic architecture featured in this edition because this part of building activity in Australia will be the subject of an entirely new publication-Houses of the Year-now in preparation.

As usual, many of the buildings featured gained awards given by the various State Chapters of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. From now on, annual “Merit” awards are to be made in NSW for a building, house (or group of houses) and civic design. From these will be selected the established awards and they are to be made every three years instead of annually.

In Victoria, awards are now being made in three categories:

1. Bronze Medal for buildings;

2. House of the Year;

3. Robin Boyd Environmental Awardβ€”a new award named in honour of the late Robin Boyd who did so much to encourage public awareness of the man-made environment in Australia.

For the second time, Canberra’s C. S. Daley medal for a house or group of houses was not awarded in 1972. The Tasmanian and W.A. awards are not included because the announcements were due after our deadline date.

For the first time, some recently completed work has been selected for recognition under the banner “Editor’s Choice” – not awards as such and based only on personal opinion.

There will be some interesting architecture completed in the coming year… Sydney Opera House, Festival Theatre complex in Adelaide, Concert Hall in Perth, BHP Building in Melbourne, Wrestpoint Casino in Hobart… just to name a few. We look forward to your company when these buildings and many others are featured in the next edition.

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