A Provencal Table: The Exuberant Food and Wine from the Domaine Tempier Vineyard

By Richard Olney


The Exuberant Food and Wine from the Domaine Tempier Vineyard.

Lulu Peyrand, with the help of Lucien, her husband and her large family, runs the famous vineyard Domaine Tempier, near Bandol in the south of France. Using the wine maker’s year as a calendar, this book invites readers to the every-day meals and celebrations that mark the seasons at Domaine Tempier. For example the Christmas Eve supper is traditionally celebrated at midday at the domaine with such family favourites as Tapenade, Brandale in Puff Pastry cases, and Road Guinea Fowl. In the spring when the wild thyme is in full bloom, lamb is roasted on the outside spit, and served with Grilled Sardines and cool red wine. In the summer Lulu shows how to prepare her Bouillabaisse and on the last day of the harvest, family, friends, cellar workers and grape pickers gather for the abundant meal, which is eaten amid the vats of fermenting wine. Amid classic recipes for Grand Aioli and Pot-au-feu, as well as innovative, impromptu meals, Lulu displays the culinary expertise and easy manner that characterises the Provencal table.

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